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Pakistan Medical Association V/S Health Department of Sindh


KARACHI– Supreme Court of Pakistan, reportedly heard the case regarding promotions of doctors of Sindh, associated with Health Department Of Sindh, under four-tier and three-tier formula, at Karachi Registry.

Dr. S M Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Health Secretary, Sindh, along with a number of doctors, from all over the province of Sindh were present at the court for this hearing.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan expressed his dismay over the performance of the Health Department of Sindh, and stated that previously clear orders were given to the personnel of Health Department to follow up on doctor’s promotions, yet these orders still remain unmaterialized, due to which many doctors eventually got retired, without any promotions. The

Upon hearing Health Secretary’s statement, Chief Justice said that they should’ve appealed, if there was any problem. He granted the Government Of Sindh a month’s time, to resolve all the problems of the doctors regarding their promotions.

PMA appreciated Supreme Court of Pakistan for taking up the long standing issue of promotions of doctors of Sindh. PMA has been demanding for a uniform service structure and salary package for the doctors, all over Pakistan.

Furthermore, PMA requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to create and implement a plan,  possibly in all government and private institutions including judiciary ones, to practice time punctuality.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) believes that time is very precious and it can be well utilized by practicing punctuality at every level.


April 13, 2018

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