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PAS awards gold medal to Prof Wasay


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Karachi: Pakistan Academy of Sciences has awarded gold medal to Aga Khan University’s Prof Mohammad Wasay in recognition of his pioneering research on nervous system diseases.
Dr Wasay’s research work revolves primarily around stroke, a ‘brain attack’, as well as tuberculosis (TB) of the central nervous system, a highly devastating form of TB. It has led to the development of new strategies and programmes for stroke prevention and control in Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of chronic disability among adults and affects 250 of every 100,000 people in Pakistan. This means that every year 350,000 people suffer a stroke in the country.
Upon receiving the gold medal, Dr Wasay commented, “I am honoured to receive this award from the Pakistan Academy of Sciences which recognises my longstanding commitment to research in neurology.

Hopefully, this award will translate into prioritizing health sciences research, especially neurological research, in Pakistan,” he opined.
Neuroscience is one of the six research themes at the Aga Khan University with experts such as Prof Wasay exploring ways to raise awareness and reduce the impact of such diseases nationally and internationally.
Prof Wasay has been the recipient of several national and international awards for educational, research and advocacy work both in Pakistan and abroad, including the Advocacy Leader of the Year Award from the American Academy of Neurology and a gold medal from the Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences.

January 2, 2016

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