Pechuho confirms ARV availability in all Sindh government hospitals

KARACHI: Health Minister Sindh, Dr Azra Fazal Pehchuho, recently stated that anti-rabies vaccination for dog bites is available in all government-run hospitals of Sindh, including Chachro. Usually, people assume that Karachi has the best medical and treatment facilities, which is why they come to Karachi to avail better medical services.

“Aerial spraying is done to control mosquito growth and eradicate the dengue virus from the province. The mosquito growth is supported during summers while they do not appear in winters. The Dow University of Health Sciences also recently attained success in developing a formula for the anti-snake venom vaccine as part of their research program.”

She said this while speaking at the 6th International Conference for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation held at the Muin Auditorium of the Dow Medical College and responding to the press.

The seminar was joined by acting Vice-Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof Zarnaz Wahid, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh on the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Syed Qasim Naved Qamar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof Khawar Saeed Jamali, Registrar, Prof Amanullah Abbasi, Principal, Amjad Siraj Memon, Director, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Prof Nabila Soomro and others.

She further said that the 6th International Conference of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation would prove to be helpful for physically as well as mentally disabled patients. She noted that the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, DUHS, is providing state of the art facilities to its patients. We need to establish such institutions in every district of the province.

Pechuho added that it is the right of every  mentally or physically disabled Pakistani to receive proper treatment to live a normal life.

Speaking at the event, Special Assistant to CM for Disabilities, Syed Qasim Naved Qamar Shah said that driving licenses are now being provided to the dumb and deaf. Legal actions and necessary measures have been taken for the stated purpose.

Acting Vice-Chancellor of DUHS, Prof Zarnaz Wahid, said that it is difficult to work for the betterment of such physically and mentally disabled individuals because improvement is a gradual process, and there is no worldly reward for the doctors involved.

Earlier, the 6th International Conference was addressed by 17 specialists and experts from different countries like Saudi Arabia, the USA, Australia, and others. They noted that different types of disabilities affect 15% of the area of the world. Moreover, 2 to 4% of people face difficulties in doing their daily chores.

They said that with an increase in age and population, there had been a significant increase in the number of disabled people globally. Pakistan shares 2.5% of this global burden of disabled individuals, the reasons to which are generally diabetes, hypertension, complications related to premature delivery, bomb blasts, earthquakes, traffic accidents, and physical abuse.

They further added that according to the sixth census conducted in Pakistan, it was observed that the percentage of handicapped people in Pakistan has decreased by 0.48%. After that, there have been no traces of such statistics, which are essential for devising legislation and policies regarding the handicapped.

They added that mentally and physically ill behaviors and social issues are common in Pakistan. Dr Farlees Khan from Australia, Dr Leveen Jaffery, Dr Rafi Uddin Rehmani, and others addressed the conference.

Earlier, two days before the conference, a free hearing camp and pre-conference workshop was set up. An interactive session was also conducted with postgraduate students from various teaching institutes. Fourteen articles and 34 posters were also presented at the event.

The annual meeting of the Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was also held during the conference, which emphasized the provision of artificial limbs and other accessories for the rehabilitation of such patients. Approximately 2000 people attended the conference from national, international, and other sectors of life.

November 9, 2019

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