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Pharmatec spreads smiles at the International Pak OrthoCon


KARACHI: Amidst tears and tragedies, sorrows and broken hearts that prevail in every corner of Pakistan as an aftermath of the Peshawar Attacks, Pharmatec is encouraging people to show their strength and courage, and to muster their best smiles challenging those that dare to threaten and target Pakistan’s peace.

At the International Pak OrthCon 2014 being held at Pearl Continental Hotel from 18-20 December, Pharmatec invited attendees to participate in a Smile contest. The contest aimed to help people smile, show the world their strength and the fact that their souls remain unscathed. The smile sent out a message that Pakistan and its people are not weak and are ever-ready to defend their rights, their country and the lives of their brothers. Smile for the children that reside in Heaven, smile knowing that they have received the highest ranks of martyrdom and pray their parents find strength. Smile Pakistan!

Pharmatec is offering a grand prize to the winner of the ‘Best Smile Selfie’ content.

December 20, 2014

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