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PIMA Condemns Killings of Medical Staff in Gaza

KARACHI–  Central President of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA); Muhammad Afzal Mian has strongly condemned the recent bombings on Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli forces, targeting hospitals, injuring and killing their medical staff.

PIMA called upon all the Human Rights Organizations, The United Nations, World Health Organization, Muslim countries across the globe, including Pakistan, to take immediate action against such atrocious acts and ethnic cleansing.

Central President, M. Afzal Mian,  paid a tribute to the 21-year old Razan Najjar, as she was shot in the midst of the war, while treating the wounded.

He mentioned that, targeting medical personnel is a huge war crime under the Geneva Conventions, and it calls for an immediate international response to Israeli humanitarian law violations in Gaza. He added that it was extremely unfortunate to see such barbaric killings being performed and first aid providers being targeted.

PIMA President, in remembrance stated that, Young Razan Najjar wore a white coat and fearlessly performed her duties, bringing a good name to her fellow medical professionals.

July 5, 2018

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