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PMA accuses Dr Masood Hameed for Murder


Karachi: In an emergency press conference held by Pakistan Medical Association they have blamed Dr Masood Hameed and two others for killing a doctor. In a press release issued by Dr. Mirza Ali Azhar, Secretary General PMA and Dr. Shershah Syed Ex-Member PMDC raised concern over the alleged killing of Dr. Zubair.

Up till now PMA was fighting targeted killing of the doctors on sectarian basis or by the criminals involving in extortion and kidnapping. Very recently a case of murder murder of a young innocent doctor is reported in the media. Ironically this murder is blamed against the sitting president of PMDC and his front men involved in extortion of money in the name of clearing the examination of PMDC to get practicing license. According to this case this young man Dr. Zubair Khan graduated from China and came back to Pakistan. Dr. Zubair wanted to clear the examination of PMDC to get license to practice.

He was contacted by one Mr. Ajmal who asked for Rs.1.5 million and assured him that he will pass the exam. After few days a group of more people comprising Masood Hameed, Amjad and Iqbal Khattak met Dr. Zubair and asked for more money (Rs. 0.4million).  This group of people threatened him with dire consequences (threat to life) if he informs about this money exchange to anyone.  Eventually the poor doctor paid the amount and somehow or the other he was taken out to hospital where he was injected some drug. The doctor lost his life. Now the FIR is registered by the order of the court against Masood Hameed, Amjad, Ajmal and Iqbal Khattak. In this murder case two other names are also involved Dr. Imdad Khushk and Dr. Shaista.

In the past we were always concerned about the stories of financial corruption and mismanagement in the affairs of PMDC. Now a case of murder is registered against the sitting President of PMDC and his front men.

Pakistan Medical Association thinks that enough is enough. We do not have any trust on the Ministry of Health and the Federal Government as they have miserably failed to address the issues of PMDC. It looks that the Ministry of Health not only trying to solve this mystery but protecting the criminals and suggesting to have a dialog with them to settle the long standing issues of PMDC. Dozens of cases are pending in the apex court to be heard and decided.

PMA has always asked for the restructuring of PMDC according to the rules and regulations. But the people ruling the roost do not care for anything. They are flouting the rulings of Supreme Court with impunity, not paying any attention to the recommendations of the Standing Committee of National Assembly, recommendations of Ministry of Health etc etc.
PMA has demanded that the brutal murder of Dr. Zubair Khan must be investigated thoroughly and the culprits brought to justice and President of PMDC who is also the Vice Chancellor of a Public sector Medical University has been named in the FIR, should immediately resign from these posts having lost any moral authority to head such prestigious posts.

PMA also demanded that the incompetent Minister of health should also resign as she has miserably failed to protect the life of a doctor

PMA also appealed to the Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif and ISI Chief Gen. Rizwan Akhtar to save an important National Institution by vested interest group, acting like Terrorists. – PR

July 7, 2015

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