PMA Calls for Implementation of An Upgraded Health Policy in Pakistan

KARACHI: Secretary General of Pakistan Medical Association, (PMA- Centre) Dr. Qaiser Sajjad shared in a statement that, an extensive health policy should soon be formulated for the country, with the Federal Government’s coordination with all the other provinces. The upgraded health policy will most definitely improve the infrastructure of Pakistan’s healthcare scenario.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), being a major stakeholder in the health sector, is responsible to share relevant guidelines with the newly elected government, to prepare a comprehensive policy, beneficial for the system.

According to Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, our country needs to focus on basic issues, encompassing efficient basic health units and primary health care services, instead of concentrating on hi-fi curative interventions.

Basic issues like, easy accessibility to clean drinking water, vaccination and immunization against preventable diseases, healthy surroundings,  population control, spreading healthcare awareness amongst public, should be addressed on an immediate basis. The concerned authorities must focus on preventive aspects.

Moving on to the menace quackery, Dr. Sajjad spoke about placing an immediate ban on this malpractice, and also recommended reorganizing the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) as well as the Drug Regulatory Authority.

August 20, 2018

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