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PMA concerned over the increasing number of coronavirus patients  

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is very concerned about the rising numbers of coronavirus patients in Pakistan, particularly in the Sindh province.

In Pakistan, the number has reached 18 (Sindh 15, Islamabad 2, and Gilgit Baltistan 1). The PMA appreciated the government for taking the right steps to tackle the spread of coronavirus in the country. As a result of this good strategy, we have a reduced number of coronavirus patients. We can still improve by adopting stricter preventive measures, especially screening at the entry points of Pakistan.

Coronavirus has reached more than 117 countries, but due to the commendable performance of our Federal Government, Sindh Government, and Baluchistan Government, the situation is under control.

We suggest the Federal Government as well as the provincial governments, particularly the Sindh Government, to increase the number of collection centers for coronavirus testing and advertise these centers through electronic and print media to detect coronavirus patients rapidly.

The PMA requested people to visit qualified doctors or government-designated centers if they wish to get advice regarding coronavirus or a checkup. We also request the public not to panic and keep following the preventive measures to avoid coronavirus. If the preventive measures are not adopted properly, the virus could spread rapidly and evolve into a serious issue. Follow the rules of hygiene and keep yourself, your families, and your surroundings clean in all respect, they added.

The government has requested not to stop the Pakistan Super League (PSL) because it is in the national interest of Pakistan. It is boosting the soft image of Pakistan. However, screening should be done at the entry points of the cricket stadium. The Pakistan Cricket Board also requested not to stop or shift the PSL from Karachi. We advise the public not to go to the stadium and watch these matches from home.

The PMA appealed to everyone that they follow all the preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and avoiding large gatherings, handshaking, and hugging. People should wash their hands with soap properly after regular intervals. We request the public not to panic. The COVID-19 is a viral infection; therefore, antibiotics should not be used to treat it. Patients are advised not to indulge in self-medication either, the PMA added.

The PMA further instructed the people to avoid sneezing and coughing openly. People suffering from flu-like symptoms should stay at home and wear masks to protect other people. They should use tissue papers to clean their nose and dispose them off properly. People are advised to use their arms rather than their hands to cover their cough and to not share their paraphernalia like glasses, plates, cups, towels, mobiles, pens, etc. Healthy people should keep themselves three feet (1 meter) away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. People should not insist on getting the coronavirus test done themselves. Seek advice and treatment from qualified doctors only if they feel respiratory distress. Additionally, everyone should not wear a mask. Only those who are fighting any respiratory infection should wear the mask to avoid its spread.

-MN Report

March 12, 2020

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