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PMA demands PMDC’s new elections, rejects ‘Ad hoc committee’ formation

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) recently rejected the proposal and demanded the holding of elections in the council. The demand was made while the federal cabinet has been considering forming an ad hoc committee to run the affairs of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC),

The PMA, a representative body of doctors from across Pakistan, in a statement said if a committee was to be constituted at all it should comprise stakeholders and representation from all provinces.

“It should be given a minimum time frame to conduct elections under the PMDC ordinance 1962. It should be given a limited mandate for day-to-day work only,” the statement said.

“Doctors are suffering badly due to the continuous uncertainty in PMDC since January 5, 2019, when PMDC ordinance 2019 was promulgated by the president of Pakistan, which was later rejected by the Senate through a resolution. Then on October 19, Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Ordinance and Medical Tribunal Ordinance were promulgated but these were declared null and void by Islamabad High Court on February 11,” it added.

Pakistan Medical Association Secretary General Dr Qaisar Sajjad said, “Now PMDC office has been sealed, regional offices are also nonfunctional for the last four months. Doctors serving abroad and in Pakistan are very much disturbed by the gloomy situation.”

“They are not getting their registration, good standing certificates and renewal of registration. These unresolved problems are mounting the difficulties of the doctors particularly working abroad,” informed Sajjad.

Dr Qaiser said the situation was affecting medical education also, which was already in a shambles. The process of accreditation and inspection of medical colleges has been stopped, he said.

“PMA believes that the solution to all these problems lies in making PMDC an independent, autonomous, transparent, democratic and vibrant body according to the PMDC ordinance 1962,” he said.

-MN Report

March 3, 2020

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