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PMA distressed over violation of SOPs in markets


KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association is very distressed about the health situation of the country following the lift in the lockdown, which recorded a marked rise in the number coronavirus infected patients, heavy traffic jams, and big crowds in markets across Pakistan.

SOPs are being violated as people are moving without masks and not maintaining social distancing. The ensuing chaos will increase the spread of the COVID-19 infection rapidly, the PMA lamented.

The PMA wants people to know that we cannot prevent coronavirus because of our limited resources and poor health delivery system. The only solution to overcome the virus is to adopt protective measures.

The PMA has been providing guidelines to the people since January 22, 2020. After the negligence of SOPs by the public, we once again request people to follow the following protective measures as responsible citizens.

Avoid crowds and refrain from leaving the house without a mask. Avoid market places unless necessary. Sanitize your hands after touching something in the market and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Sanitize and wash your hands with soap properly after regular intervals.

Use tissue papers to clean your nose and dispose them off properly. Refrain from sneezing and coughing openly. Use your arms rather than your hands to cover your coughs and sneezes. Do not share your paraphernalia. If you find it difficult to breathe immediately, contact a coronavirus designated hospital. Refrain from indulging in self-medication and only consult a doctor for treatment.

-MN Report

May 16, 2020

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