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PMA lauds Sindh Government for the closure of education institutes

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) appreciated the Sindh government for closing schools till March 16, 2020, and said this is an appropriate step taken at the right time to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan.

Secretary-General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre), Dr S M Qaisar Sajjad, said that due to these timely efforts, the situation had been brought under control. According to the received information, 681 pilgrims had returned from Iran via Karachi. They have been quarantined for 14 days till March 13, 2020. They will also be tested for coronavirus and, if found positive, will be kept in isolation for treatment.

He requested parents not to take their children to shopping malls during these holidays and avoid large crowds and gatherings to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus. Hand washing is an essential preventive measure; people with flu and cough should wear masks and stay at home. Additionally, they should also avoid large crowds and gatherings.

Healthy people do not need to put on masks, but they must stay at least one meter away from those who are coughing or sneezing because this infection is transmitted via droplets or close contact with infected people.

“If somebody is suffering from flu and cough, he can contact the centre established for the prevention of coronavirus by the Sindh government and federal government for a checkup to avoid any complications,” he added.

He said the PMA believes that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) should not be stopped because it is in the national interest of Pakistan. It is boosting the soft image of Pakistan. Our message is to adopt preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus instead of stopping PSL or other national and social events.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad appealed to all Pakistanis to play their due role to prevent the spread of coronavirus by adopting all the required preventive measures. People who have symptoms of flu and cough especially should quarantine themselves at home and avoid going into crowds and gatherings.

-MN Report

March 5, 2020

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