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PMA Sindh warns of water-borne and skin disease outbreak in Sindh  

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Assassination (PMA) Sindh recently warned about a water-borne and skin disease outbreak after heavy monsoon rains in the Sindh province.

A recent PMA Sindh cabinet meeting presided by President, PMA Sindh, Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, and General Secretary, PMA Sindh, Dr Rafique ul Hassan Khokhar discussed the matter.

This meeting took cognizance of the situation after the devastation caused by torrential rains in the province of Sindh, particularly the entire country in general. The PMA Sindh feared that many people will be uprooted from their homes and would be migrating towards safer places.

This meeting also discussed the miseries of poor people regarding diseases like gastroenteritis, skin diseases, malaria, cholera, and other water-borne infections.

Furthermore, this meeting also took notice of the situation of devastating floods, which are very likely after countrywide rains and the release of water from a neighbouring country.

The PMA Sindh notified the Government of Sindh to be prepared to face this situation. It also advised the masses to take utmost care by consuming boiled water and home-cooked food and keeping everyone away from dirty, contaminated water.

The PMA Sindh and all its branches are ready to play their role to help the poor and needy and provide them with relief as much as possible.

-MN Report

September 4, 2020

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