PMC cannot guarantee ‘foreign degree’ recognition in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) secretary, Arsalan Hyder recently declared in an official communication that PMC has warned that any admission obtained by a Pakistani student in a foreign college will happen solely at their own risk and cost.

“Pakistani students seeking admission to a foreign medical college or institution are put on notice that obtaining admission in a foreign medical college and institution shall not guarantee recognition of their degrees in Pakistan until such time as the foreign medical college and institution is duly assessed and recognized by the Commission,” told Arsalan Hyder.

The PMC secretary said the commission had reviewed the reports received from Pakistan’s foreign missions from different countries highlighting the serious concern relating to some medical colleges and institutions. Pakistani students were obtaining admission though they were either not fully recognised by their own national regulatory authorities or the conditions and programme of study being followed by them were well below the standards of medical education recognized and applicable in Pakistan for grant of a licence to practice medicine and dentistry.

“The Council has taken serious notice of this issue and to avoid Pakistani students being misled by advertisements and offers made by some foreign colleges and institutions,” PMA secretary stated.

It is pertinent to mention here that no foreign medical college and institution was currently recognized by the commission for purposes of Section 21(2) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance, 2019.

“The assessments shall be undertaken by the commission pursuant to a policy for assessment and further standards determined for such assessment by the Academic Board pursuant to Section 14(8) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019,” Arsalan said.

-MN Report

February 6, 2020

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