PMDC cancels MRCS registration of 73 surgeons

PMDC nulifies 73 specialization degrees (image credit: Dental News Pakistan)

PMDC nullifies 73 specialization degrees (image credit: Dental News Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD – The MRCS registration of 73 surgeons have been declared as Fake, by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and their degrees have been cancelled.

PMDC officials have stated that; During the previous tenure of PMDC’s Ex-Registrar Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar, these 73 MRCS degrees were illegally registered without getting the approval of the PMDC and without any notification from the federal government, which is a basic requirement according to PMDC Ordinance 1962 and amendment act 2012.

Officials stated that; The registration of these particular doctors as MRCS, was a clear violation of PMDC rules, since the MRCS is considered by the General Medical Council of UK and PMDC, as an entry-level pre-requisite for enrollment into advanced Post-graduate programmes. The PMDC has never registered it as a Post-graduate degree.

The holder of MRCS are not adequately qualified to practice surgery, and they cannot be given the right to play with the lives of the Pakistani masses. The PMDC officials added that: An inquiry is being conducted to ascertain the details of this malpractice. The members of the committee have ordered that MRCS should not be registered as a postgraduate qualification with PMDC. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter, they have decided to cancel the registration of this qualification.

The committee comprised of numerous Senior professors and surgeons as members, including; Prof Dr Mussadiq Khan, Prof Dr Aslam Shah, Prof Dr Masood Hameed (President PMDC), and Lt Gen (Retd) Dr Rehan Burney (Advisor on Post Graduate education).

The MRCS qualification of the following 73 doctors has been cancelled and their registration numbers are: 9568-N, 1299-AJK, 27571-P, 38577-P, 37786-P, 12585-N, 9814-N, 5904-N, 1314-N, 22709-P, 38314-P, 31155-S, 12927-N, 11382-N, 43956-P, 36406-P, 34452-S, 53452-P, 38472-P, 30672-P, 27662-P, 24348-P, 40465-P, 14494-N, 12806-P, 20390-P, 40617-P, 32445-P, 41889-P, 29053-P, 32889-P, 54826-P, 38495-P, 11407-N, 44775-P, 11408-P, 10222-N, 27383-P, 43956-P, 4213-N, 41497-S, 36-F, 30269-S, 46186-P, 54913-P, 43956-P, 37231-P, 1251-AJK, 55211-S, 55569-S, 20390-P, 35808-P, 30760-P, 33901-P, 30675-P, 7433-N, 1232-AJK, 34822-P, 7175-N, 36480-P, 18002-P, 31685-P, 11073-N, 21236-P, 8030-N, 16893-P, 1458-AJK, 11917-N, 34172-S, 25-F, 32809-P, 8932-N, and 37710-P.

January 7, 2014

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