PMDC refuses registration to students of Khyber Dental College

Relations sour between PMDC and Khyber Medical College (Image source: Dental News)

Relations sour between PMDC and Khyber Medical College (Image source: Dental News)

Students of the Khyber College of Dentistry (KCD) Peshawar, have been facing problems regarding their registration in PMDC. During the year 2008, the Principal of KCD – Dr Qaim uddin had increased the number of students seats from 50 to 75 without notifying the PMDC, and this additional enrollment continues till date.

Now, as the batch of 2008 will be completing their house-jobs within a few months, the PMDC has recently granted registration to the first 50 students of this batch, while the remaining 25 students have been refused for registration. For these unregistered students, their years of hard work, studies and knowledge been ignored and rejected by the PMDC, as the MBBS degrees issued to them by KHYBER MEDICAL UNIVERSITY are of no use. The administration of KCD had not mentioned this possibility of rejection and indiscretion at the time of granting admissions to these students or during the academic sessions.

Every student needs his or her provisional registration from PMDC within their first 6 months of house-job, to be able to continue their medical education and practice. According to sources, PMDC is demanding a penalty of Rs 200,000/- from each unregistered student for officially granting a registration to them.

Although, Dr Qaim uddin remained a member of the PMDC for 5 years, he did not take the initiative to resolve this serious issue, which can jeopardize the future of these young doctors. The government should take appropriate measures to recognize the academic efforts and strengthen the future of each and every hard-working student by officially evaluating and recognizing their hard-earned degrees.

March 24, 2014

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