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Qatar has implemented a commendable public-health programme


By: Bilal Amanullah.

One cannot resist sharing and appreciating the generous policies and practices of Humanitarian-care in Qatar. Recently, a friend of mine had a chest pain. He went to the emergency section of the prestigious Government-managed hospital in Doha, called; Hamad Hospital. Within 30-45 minutes, he was examined by the Doctor, applied ECG and other tests, given medicines and planned for further checks in the future. The cost was QR 10/= (less than USD 3) only.

The Medical Services from Qatar’s government sector, are delivering a very high quality standard, and is available for serving all Qatar Nationals and Expat segments, without any discrimination. I have lived in a number of countries around the world, but this generous and diligent experience, stands out as a matchless example of care and service to the humanity.

Hamad Hospital is the pride of the whole nation living in Qatar. More importantly, I would like to offer my heartiest prayers for the long and healthy life of His Highness – Shaikh Tamim Al Thani, and other government leaders of Qatar, for such great humanitarian initiatives.

Qatar has the largest per capita healthcare expenditure in the GCC and one of the most effective health programmes in the world! delivered through every government hospital or clinic in the state.

Such committed efforts and effective service model for medical care should be quickly adopted and followed by other Muslim nations too.

Allah blesses those, who bless others.

June 13, 2014

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