Report on Drug Abuse statistics in Pakistan


According to a recent report on Drug-abuse statistics in Pakistan, which came as a shock for the legal and medical fraternities; More than 4.2 million people in Pakistan are addicted to narcotics and drugs. The report was titled as ‘Drug Use in Pakistan’.

Most of these addicts began by seeking recreation from drugs that are highly addictive and led to this antisocial habit or addiction. Eventually, the body starts to demand frequent use, until a time comes when the person can no longer function normally without the influence of such drugs.

According to the report; In Pakistan, opium extracts (hashish and heroin) and Indian hemp are commonly used items. Criminology directly links social crimes and law and order violations to drug usage.

The repetitive use of these chemicals causes psychological dependence. When financial and legal constraints make drugs unobtainable, people show violent behaviour and resort to theft, robbery, extortion, abduction for ransom, targeted killing and other street crimes. Sociology too blames addiction for disturbing social peace and progress.

Compulsive and persistent use of illegal chemicals makes individuals numb to family responsibilities. People are no longer able to hold down jobs, resulting in unemployment, poverty and poor living standards. Marital relations can no more be sustained. This troubled family structure can never guarantee a peaceful and stable society.

The government alone cannot force every addict to get himself admitted to rehabilitation centres nor does it have the resources to build such a large number of institutions. Rather the state can help by importing technical services, information, skills and donors to let private health service providers play their role.

May 5, 2014

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