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Retired PMDC president still refuses to vacate his position


ISLAMABAD: A controversy is brewing at Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), as its president has retired on November 6, 2014, but he is somehow retaining the prestigious seat, along with its perks and privileges.

According to media reports; The Inquiry Committee Constituted by the Islamabad High Court, regarding conflicts between the Ministry of National Health and the PMDC, has also been asked to look into the matter and stop the retired president of PMDC from working.

Details reveal that Professor Masood Hameed was elected as Member of PMDC on the seat of professors, from Public Sector colleges and subsequently he was elected as PMDC president. On November 6, 2014, he retired as a professor, but did not relinquish the charge of PMDC president and member. In the recent past, all those professors who were elected as PMDC members relinquished the charge of member PMDC on their retirement.

Sources told The media that; Dr Zaheer Abbasi was elected as PMDC member as Federal Medical College Principal, but on his retirement in 2014, he left the charge of member PMDC. Similarly, General Khaliq Naveed, ex-Dean Army Medical College, left the membership of PMDC Council, on his retirement. He was replaced by General Suliman, who too has retired on March 6, 2015, and has left the charge of member PMDC. The sources mentioned that; Similarly, Professor Iqbal was elected as member from Muzaffarabad, but after his posting, he too left the charge of member PMDC.

Professor Masood Hameed did not give his response to this query, despite repeated efforts. An SMS was also sent on his cell number but he never replied till the filing of this report. However, sources close to the retired PMDC President- Masood Hameed told the media that; On September 16, 2014, the Sindh Government issued a notification giving two years extension to Masood Hameed as Vice Chancellor Dow University of Health Sciences. A copy of the notification was also made available to the media. “When Masood Hameed is continuing as VC Dow University of Medical Sciences, then how can he be questioned upon his retention of the post of PMDC President,” sources close to the PMDC president held.

On the other hand, sources in Ministry of National Health, Regulation Services and Coordination held that; Masood Hameed has retired as Professor, but has been given extension as Vice Chancellor of Dow University and not as a professor, because he has attained the age of 60 years; therefore, he cannot retain the post of PMDC president. The sources maintained that; Hameed was elected under Section 3 (1) (h) of PMDC Ordinance 1962, on professor’s seat from Sindh’s public sector medical colleges and once he is no more a professor, he cannot retain his seat as member and president PMDC. An inquiry committee constituted by the Islamabad High Court is already looking into the issue.

March 28, 2015

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