Rise in Pakistan’s Population; A Growing concern: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)

As per a recent report issued by United Nations Agency for Children, 15,000 children were to be born in Pakistan, on the 1st day of year 2019, which came across as an alarming statistics.
This indicates that, there would be a total number of 45,000 births within a month, leading to 5,400,000 in a year, proving that Pakistan is one of the fastest growing population in the world, that may turn into the world’s fourth most populous country in the coming years.
Since previous years, members of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has been raising their concerns over this matter and urge upon working towards curbing this rapid increase in Pakistan’s population.
Currently in Pakistan, around 60% of our national population stands below the age of 25 years; 25 million children are unable to acquire education, whereas 90% of population is devoid of clean drinking water, followed by another serious matter of malnutrition due to scarcity of food.
Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) strongly believes that this unchecked rise in population is turning into a looming disaster, which requires an immediate implementation of Family Planning. People-friendly economic policies should be introduced by concerned authorities, to overcome difficulties and save the upcoming generation.

January 15, 2019

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