‘Seven Strings of Stress’ Conference held on Dec 20


KARACHI – According to a press release, Advance Educational Institute and Research Centre (AEIRC) is holds the 1stPsychophysiology Conference themed “Seven strings of stress” on 20th December, 2014 at the A.Q. Khan Centre Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Karachi.

The conference will be a platform for researchers and students alike to explore the realities of stress and the related health consequences. With the launch of Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS) by the Psychophysiology Research Division of AEIRC; Pakistan’s first stress scale that evaluates the seven different types of stress, namely: Physical, Mental, Traumatic, Psychosocial, Nutritional, Emotional and Chemical stress it is hoped that evaluation of our population will lead to identifying the problems that mar the national health status.

Taking the mission of stress awareness further, the conference on Psychophysiology is a step towards uniting researchers and experts on a single platform. Throughout the year 2014, a series of seminars have been held and evaluation booths placed at various hospitals, universities and institutions all over Karachi to identify the type of stress that burdens our society.

Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS) has proved to be a unique stress evaluating tool which not only shows the level of stress but also identifies the type of stress that an individual is experiencing, paving way for a better understanding of possible coping strategies. AEIRC has looked far and wide and through various researches, ultimately identifying stress as the biggest culprit of ill health.

The conference will be inaugurated by the welcome address of Dr. Sadaf Ahmed, CEO AEIRC after which abstracts from AEIRC, University of Karachi, Sir Syed University, Aga Khan University, Jinnah University, Dow University of Health Sciences, Lahore University of Behavioural Sciences, Sir Syed University of Biomedical Engineering pertaining to stress and distress, neurological complications of stress, psychophysiology of stress, immunological stress responses, memory and cognition, trauma, psychosocial pressures and stress management techniques will be presented at the conference.

The Sadaf Stress Scale as basis of this conference will be discussed by Shamoon Noushad , Managing Director AEIRC, and will also include panel discussion by experts including Dr. Zafar Iqbal Abbassi (Baqai Institute Dibetology & Endocrinology); Dr. Raza Rahman (Dow University of Health Sciences); Dr. Nelofer Sultana (Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College); Dr. Zsuzzana (ALIVE); Dr. Syeda Haider (University of Karachi); Dr. Sohail (Institute of Behavioral Science); Dr. Zia Moiuddin (Sir Syed University of Biomedical Engineering), and Dr. Syed A. Aziz (Health Canada) who will be highlighting stress in relation to general health.

TEAM AEIRC hopes that this conference will set the landmark for the concrete initiatives to consider stress as a threat to human health and to initiate measures for better research in the field and for better mental health.

December 21, 2014

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