Shaniera Akram advises against visiting Clifton beach

Karachi- Shaniera Akram, the wife of renowned Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram, sent out a tweet today with terrifying pictures of Karachi’s Clifton beach. The beach was strewn with medical waste, including syringes and vials of blood among other used instruments.

Shaniera tweeted: It’s like everything you are scared of in a hospital has just washed up on our beach!

“I have walked on Clifton beach every day for the last 4 years and I have never been scared until today. This beach needs to be shut down now.

Medical waste, syringes, viles of blood that has come in from the ocean has spread across Clifton beach for kilometres. The beach is biohazardous and in a state of emergency,” another tweet said.

In yet another distressed tweet she said, “As of this minute, I Shaniera Akram, a citizen of Karachi declare Clifton beach officially hazardous and is in state of an emergency.”

She demanded the responsible authorities to look into and take care of the matter; she also encouraged TV channels to raise awareness about the horrifying and potentially lethal picture of the Clifton beach.

She advised citizens to refrain from visiting the beach for any reason whatsoever.

Shaniera’s comments were soon followed by a tweet from Sindh Police informing citizens that the affected area has been cordoned off by imposition of section 144.

September 3, 2019

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