SHCC forms task force for Infection Prevention Control in Sindh

KARACHI: The Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) has formed a task force for Infection Prevention Control in Sindh as part of a national task force for injection safety.

The task force has been constituted after the nomination of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SHCC, Dr Minhaj Qidwai. Those who consented and were present in the meeting include Jibran Khalid Kidwai, CTO, MESSCO, Dr Aftab Ahmed, M&E Office, Sindh AIDS Control Program, Prof Dr Rafiq Khanani, Liaquat College of Medicine, Dr Azizullah Khan Dhiloo, Assistant Professor, Infection Diseases, Dow Medical College, Riffat Shaw Children’s Hospital Karachi, Dr Kamran Iqbal, Pakistan Digital, Dr Syed Faisal Mehmood, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases, AKU, Dr Kiren Habib, Senior Instructor, AKU, Dr Rehana Siddiqui, AKU, Shakeel Zaidi, Pharma Hub, and Zahid Saeed, CEO, PPMA.

CEO, SHCC, Dr Minhaj Qidwai, Director, Clinical Governance & Training, Dr Raza Kazmi, and Director, Anti-Quackery, Dr Ayaz Mustafa, attended the meeting from the SHCC team.

The CEO of the SHCC also met with MPA, Ms Sidra Imran, concerning the issues raised by her in the Sindh Assembly related to her lack of information on the SHCC and lamenting it as a failure. She was informed that the CEO of the SHCC took cognizance of the headline and news, and only a briefing of the SHCC was given to her. Following their dialogue, she expressed her satisfaction regarding the activities of the SHCC and promised to support the SHCC in its activities in the future.

CEO, SHCC, also met with the delegation of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Sindh, and the Young Doctors Association (YDA), Sindh, to discuss the issues related to the sealing of doctors’ clinics. He urged the doctors to get registered with the SHCC at their earliest convenience and ensure proper infection prevention control with waste disposal. The SHCC is expected to issue warning letters on minor offenses to doctors, he said.

On the issue of harassment of doctors by the hands of the police, the CEO of the SHCC informed that he is in contact with IG and meetings have been planned with DIGs as well. Awareness sessions will be arranged by the PMA and the YDA in collaboration with the SHCC.

Dr Minhaj Qidwai attended the working group of FP 2020 and offered the SHCC’s support in sharing the data of the registered clinics with the FP 2020 team and disseminate information as needed.

July 31, 2019

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