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Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplant offers “FREE” medical education


Prof Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Director Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation-SIUT, while addressing the certificate distribution ceremony of SIUT Student Volunteer Program – batch 34, organized by the Resource Generation and Outreach Department (RGO) said that: during your training you have seen the ground realities of life from a very close distance and must have observed that where the people have food to fill their stomach, getting afflicted by diseases whose treatment and medication expenses are hundred times more expensive than bread, sustaining of life becomes very difficult. The only way to prevent this is that people should have some sort of guarantee of health access. Prof Rizvi added that; this exactly is the foundation stone of SIUT’s philosophy which has taken upon itself to provide quality medical healthcare – Free, with dignity to all the patients. All this has been possible through the financial and philanthropic support of the Government and the public, that is why I have never been ever disheartened by the Pakistani nation. He stated that Free healthcare and education are the basic fundamental rights of a human being. You are all privileged to be getting your education in good schools. Today your parents are also here. May I ask you all a question; Have you ever thought about those thousands of children who are not able to go to schools? Admittedly this is the responsibility of the state but cannot we all strive to find a way that every single child of Pakistan gets educated? Education is not only about certificates or degrees but it is the knowledge which teaches a person the art of life.

Learning from our experience, if free health can be provided and is doable, then the same can also be done for the education as well. If individually, we are educating two or three of our own children, we can also come forward to sponsor a fourth child’s educational needs who cannot afford on his own, or we can also financially support those institutions or NGO’s which are providing the same facility. He divulged that SIUT earlier on, has taken a step by forming Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) under which those students have been given Free and quality medical education and professional training, who could not afford it on their own. It is ironic that education has become a business now, which not only applies to private sector but also on the educational institutions of the public sector as well, which are charging heavy fees in the name of so called “Self-finance schemes”. SIUT conducts such kinds of educational programs for free, so that quality education can flourish and the unstable society may get a chance to stabilize.

January 18, 2014

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