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Skin Ailments Rapidly Increasing within Province of Sindh

KARACHI- Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh  (ISDS), Karachi, has registered 4,72,830 patients suffering from different skin ailments, in the last seven months, and up to 16,165 skin related surgeries have been performed during this time period.

As per statistics issued by the Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS),  a total number of 4,72,830 patients have been examined at ISDS in last seven months, while 23,882  tests were also conducted.

Report further stated that, more than 29,740 cases of fungus skin ailments were reported in last seven months, followed by 1,10,880 cases of infectious allergies.

Furthermore, the report stated that, large number of issues such as, face wrinkles, eczema, bacterial and/or viral infections, heat rashes, psoriasis, lichen planus and other skin diseases were reported during this time period.

The turnout of patients suffering with various kinds of skin diseases have been surged within the Sindh’s largest skin treatment hospital, with the up-gradation of several departments.

New treatment formulas, lotions, ointments and other products have been introduced in the health facility and are provided free of cost to patients. The treatment facilities have been improved, in collaboration with Aga Khan University Hospital  (AKUH) through case studies of different skin diseases. The HIV/AIDS test facility has also been introduced for patients.

Director, Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS), Dr. Iqbal Nabi Soomro, advised the patients to consult with their skin specialists in case of any skin problem to further evaluate it, as lethal skin diseases require special attention and urgent preventive measures.

He further advised the citizens to take preventive measures to avoid commonly occuring infectious allergies and eczema.

October 4, 2018

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