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SUICIDE: Mental Health Session at RMC Conference

Suicide happens to be the second most common cause of death in individuals aged 15-29. Annual statistics have reported an estimate of 800,000 deaths every year from suicide. Distressingly enough, it is said that every 40 seconds, a person ends his or her life. 75% of these individuals belong to countries with middle to low socioeconomic status.

University of Manchester’s Consultant Psychiatrist and honorary Lecturer, Dr. Nasim Chaudhry, voiced his concerns in the Global Mental Health Session held by the Institute of Psychiatry under the Third International Rawalpindi Medical College Scientific Conference with a talk labeled, “Cultural Adaptation of a Psychosocial Intervention for Patients with Self Harm”. RMC Principal Professor Muhammad Umar, Professor Malik H. Mubashar, the founder of Institute of Psychiatry and ex-principal of RMC, Head of Institute of Psychiatry Professor Fareed A. Minhas, were in attendance during the seminar along with faculty members, resident doctors, and students.

Dr. Nasim Chaudhry shed light upon the appalling current situation regarding suicide statistics and discussed the possible forecasters of suicide in Pakistan including stress, unemployment, psychiatric disorders, and most importantly, past incidents of self-harm. Owing to its practical and cost-efficient nature, Problem Solving Therapy has proved to be a resourceful aid in preventing self-harm.

Head of Behavioral Sciences Department of the School of Social Sciences & Humanities at NUST Dr. Salma Siddiqui spoke on the issue, “Traumatic Distress: a rising public health challenge”. She highlighted the rising incidence of terrorist activities and our ignorance towards the psychological perception of trauma.

Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manchester and Chairman Department of Psychiatry at Ziauddin University Hospital Professor Imran Bashir Chaudhry spoke on the topic, “Neuro-Inflammation: New Horizons in Prevention & Treatment of Schizophrenia”, focusing on the chronicity, morbidity, mortality and well as the draining nature of the condition.

Prof. Brig. (R) Mowadat Hussain Rana, the founder of the Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health and ex-dean of psychiatry CPSP, then proceeded to talk on the topic, “Global Mental Health and Medical Education: The Pygmalion Kiss”. In his talk, he expressed his concerns regarding the powerful principles that come with medical training and education and how they exist in writing but not in day to day practice.

University Hospital of Wales at Cardiff’s consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Tayyab Tahir, conveyed a talk titled, “A Trip Down a Lane Called Sherlock”. The talk was an ode to his mentor, Dr. Mubashar, that compared his journey and the various looks and abilities he adopted to that of Sherlock Holmes. He stressed upon the importance of these abilities and how they are crucial for one to become a good practitioner.

Consultant Psychiatrist/Psychogeriatrician at the Northwest Aged Persons Mental Health Program, Melbourne Health, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Dr. Sabah Khalid, prompted practitioners to encourage their patients to never give up hope in her talk, “Brain vs Mind: Frontotemporal Dementia”.

Professor Fareed A. Minhas expressed his gratitude and the session was concluded by Professor Muhammad Umar.


April 5, 2017

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