Thalassaemia symposium by AJM Pharma


A grand Symposium titled; “Integrated approach in Thalassaemia Management” was conducted at the Children Hospital and Institute of Child Health in Lahore on May 12, 2014.

The event was organized by AJM Pharma’s ‘Haematology and Transfusion Medicine Division, Headed by Prof. Nisar Ahmed. The participation of many leading experts and professionals, turned this event into a roaring success. Among the prominent speakers were; Prof. Masood Sadiq, Prof. Dr. Javeria Mannan, Dr. Adil Akhtar, Prof. Dr. Taeed Butt, Major Gen. Dr. Suhaib Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmed and Dr. Saima Farhan. The venue was filled with participants including 110 doctors, concerned specialists and delegates belonging to diverse segments of the society.

Prof. Masood Sadiq delivered the welcome address, highlighting the key points related to management of cardiac complications in beta Thalassaemia. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Javeria Mannan discussed the problems and socio economic aspects of thelassaemia management, while Prof. Dr. Taeed Butt gave details on the management of endocrine complications in beta thalassaemia patients; including complications like early or delayed puberty.

The most important lecture was delivered by Major General Dr. Sohaib Ahmad (Military Hospital – Rawalpindi) the guest speaker, who primarily focused on Thalassaemia Prevention Strategies. He recommended that; premarital tests should be made mandatory through strict implementation of legislation. Additionally, he emphasized that the whole family should be screened. Dr. Sohaib also elaborated on the sensitive issue of aborting the fetus, in case thalassaemia is diagnosed during early pregnancy.

Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmad gave a presentation on stroke management in thalassaemia. He was followed by Dr. Saima Farhan, who talked about the current Iron Chelation Therapies like; Deferiprone and Deferasirox and shared her clinical experiences. In the end, Prof. Nisar and Dr. Saima expressed special thanks to the sponsors – AJM Pharma and appreciated the company’s commitment towards community health.

AJM has introduced Kelfer (Derferiprone) in the early 21st century. After the enormous success of this oral chelating agent, AJM will soon introduce – Oderox (Deferiasirox) to enrich its exclusive Thalassaemia products range. This quality product will help the thalessaemia patients to lead a healthy life, with only one daily dose, at an affordable cost.

AJM Pharma follows a conscientious mission to provide quality health medicines of international standards at affordable prices for the nation. It has deployed consistent quality assurance measures through a humanitarian vision for management, enriched with ethical marketing practices all over Pakistan. AJM has thus developed strong consumer trust with roots in numerous therapeutic fields of the industry.

May 15, 2014

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