The magical benefits of Herbal medicines must be explored

The magical benefits of Herbal medicines must be explored WEB MN

Herbal medicines promise the cure for almost all kinds of serious illnesses s. The natural herbs with their organic structure are among the greatest gifts of nature, provided abundantly by Almighty Allah for the health and wellness of the human race.
Many western countries under the light of the Quran-e-Kareem’s guidance have successfully adopted the method of herbal medicine among their populace. Which provide organic solutions and safest treatments without any side-effects.
But in Pakistan, the quack herbal medicines practitioners have caused the failure of even the most effective treatments, since the concerned authorities in the country had not maintained the necessary checks and balances on these practitioners over the past 66 years.
Renowned family herbalist and professional member of American Botanical Council – Qaiser Shafi Ullah said that; the use of herbal medicines had started about 5000 years ago from Greece and are still considered among the most perfect treatments for all kinds of disease and sufferings in humans due to the effective natural cures.
He further said; many international scientists in the United Stated of America (USA), European Countries and Australia had successfully adopted this safest treatment in the light of Quran-e-Kareem guidance after proper research. Use of herbal medicines had started in China, thousands of years ago and it still continues to cure people, while the use of these medicines is also common in Egypt, Syria, Morocco and other countries.
He explained that human body has its own organic structure and any non-organic medicine could not be mixed in human body, as 20 percent of the body structure of human being is made up of mineral and 80 percent with water. He said herbal medicines are made with fruits, vegetables and other natural food items which are not harmful for the human body or its organic structure.
Qaiser Shafi said herbal medicines provide all kinds of minerals and vitamins which are needed by human body and there is no side effect of these medicines. He said many western countries are successfully using the herbal medicines in the lights of Quran guidance, but unfortunately not much research and development is carried out in the field of herbal medicine in Pakistan. By using these natural cures, people of Pakistan could easily enhance their health and match the quality of health with the citizens in the developed western countries.
He said herbal medicines manufacturers and practitioners in Pakistan are not producing or maintaining their products as per required international standards, thus they had brought a bad name to the country in the field of medicines. He said 60 percent of useful herbs are being exported from Pakistan to the western world, as our country has a great potential to produce the herbal pharmaceutical, utilizing our vast agricultural potential.
He informed that herbal medicines are 50 percent lower in prices as compared to any other type of medicines available in the markets. He stressed the importance of awareness and knowledge about uses of herbal medicines.  Un-organic medicines lead human beings towards many new diseases due to its unnatural manufacturing and ingredients.
He urged the people to adopt the natural ways towards a healthier life by using organic medicines. He urged the government of Pakistan to establish separate wards in every hospital for herbal treatments and specialized herbal practitioners. This will help eliminate quackery and enable a regulated use of herbal medicines in the country, along with a proper check and balance system.

September 2, 2014

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