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The menace of Encroachments around Civil Hospital Karachi


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KARACHI – Unchecked Illegal encroachments around Civil Hospital Karachi, Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation and Dow University of Health Sciences are not only hindering movement of ambulances, carrying out emergency work but also creating problems for people rushing to the hospital’s emergency.

However, The Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) District South administration has failed to remove such encroachments as the encroachers are backed by KMC officials and political groups. All anti-encroachment drives launched by KMC had miserably failed to get desired results.

The Hospital Road, where Civil Hospital emergency ward is located, links MA Jinnah Road to Baba-i-Urdu Road, but unchecked encroachments have made it difficult for patients and their attendants to pass through it. The roads leading towards MA Jinnah Road to Civil Hospital and SIUT have been encroached by the illegal stall owners, vendors, fruit sellers and those parking motorcycles, due to the carelessness of KMC District South administration.

The constant road block and traffic jams have made it difficult for ambulance drivers carrying injured people to enter the hospitals. Some encroacher have also established their stalls in front of CHK  main entrance gate which has become a serious nuisance for visiting patients.

The drivers also face great hardships due to the chaotic traffic jams on the main roads leading from Jama Cloth Market to the hospital gate, caused by illegal parking of vehicles and establishment of roadside stalls outside the hospital. The roads leading to MA Jinnah Road to hospital is completely encroached by the illegal vendors, stall owners, fruit sellers.

The students and faculty member of Dow University of Health Sciences are also facing great hardship due to encroachment and massive traffic jam during rush hours.
Information Secretary, All Sindh Peoples Paramedical Staff Welfare Association – Liaquat Mastoi said that[ The area outside the hospital must be cleared from all hurdles and encroachments. He said encroachment are severely hindering the ambulances and citizens rushing to the Civil Hospital and SIUT with emergency. KMC should not allow the motorcyclists and auto-rickshaw drivers to parks their vehicles on roads leading to hospital under any circumstances. He demanded of the concerned authorities to take strict measures against the encroachers and remove all hurdles to ensure smooth flow of traffic and ambulances.

February 23, 2015

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