Think pink! Breast cancer awareness drive by AEIRC

Breast cancer is one of the most common diagnosed cancers in women worldwide and is responsible for a large number of cancer-related deaths. Although, male breast cancer cases are also reported sporadically, the physical and anatomical differences are largely responsible for high statistics among women.

Some common factors that put women at risk include, increasing age, family history of breast cancer, hormonal treatment, particularly after menopause, inherited and acquired mutations, radiation exposure, exposure to cancer causing chemicals, obesity/ high lipid intake, early puberty and/or menopause, and alcohol intake.

Advance Educational Institute & Research Center (AEIRC) has started a breast cancer awareness program series. Beginning in October 2013, it is expected to run for six months. The initiative is aimed at efforts for decreasing the breast cancer cases in Pakistan. Women of all age groups are screened for BMI, BMR, Hip-Waist Ratio, Body Fat percentage.

All volunteering participants were provided with free awareness material and discussions with panel experts. AEIRC promotes the belief that; “Early detection is the Best Protection. The camp is led by the CEO of AEIRC – Ms. Sadaf Ahmed.

As a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink ribbons were distributed as a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness and an awareness survey is also being conducted for research, data collection and compilations.

January 3, 2014

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