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Positive brain-training is known to help patients recover from fatal diseases.

Physical fitness has always been considered as an essential element for personal wellbeing. However, most people tend to ignore the importance of enhancing their mental dexterity. The human brain has a massive potential to gain more power through exercise, just the way our biceps or abs respond to regular flexing.

However, the brain power does not improve by simply repeating the same exercise every day. It needs a diverse and more complex exercise each day, to expand the mental horizons. If you are done with your daily Crosswords exercise, the brain can be pushed to take on some complex mathematical challenges that may eventually enable humans to grasp the next level or deeper understanding of intricate secrets of physics, chemistry, sub-atomic quantum mechanics or even the cosmic energies and motion.

Responding to fresh challenges, the human mind grows and changes due to an inherent neuro-plasticity. With consistent positive stimulation and exercises activating the brains, instead of negative stimulus distressing it, your mind actually evolves faster and triggers constructive changes in the brain. Positive training of the brain has also helped many patients recover from fatal diseases

Negating the previous scientific notion that an adult’s mental abilities become stagnant, new research on neuro-plasticity has proved that brain-training allows your mind to develop through every phase of life. Neuro-scientists have now invented numerous effective products, thrilling digital games and sophisticated programmes for measureable brain-training in a Fun way, to continuously challenge the mental skills.

A Stanford University study during 2013 reveals that; “A treatment group of 21 breast cancer survivors used 12 weeks of brain-training to work on processing speed, mental flexibility, and working memory tasks. On average, those who trained improved on tests of these abilities, compared to a group that did not train”.

Brain training of healthy individuals has also shown upto 10% average improvement in memory exercises and upto 20% improved scores in Attention exercises. It increases your mental acumen and core abilities to perform better in any situation. Enhancing your attention-span and focus on tasks, will expand your intellectual threshold and performance, in school or in business. You will be able to react faster and adapt to situations more swiftly. A vast memory allows you to remember the identity, preferences and mind-sets of more people, and you can maintain closer, more cordial social relationships. By engaging in brain-training exercises every day for a few minutes, you can be a more vigilant, effective, intelligent, useful and reliable person for everyone around you.

January 30, 2014

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