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Unprecedented Loss of Life – PMA leader slams govt for heatwave mortalities

Unprecedented Loss of Life - PMA leader slams govt for heatwave mortalities

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KARACHI- Pakistan Medical Association’s (Center) secretary-general Dr Mirza Ali Azhar has urged Ulema, media and doctors for making coordinated efforts to prevent people dying from heatstroke across Sindh.

Highlighting the role of Ulema in curbing the incidence of heatstroke, the PMA leader said that since elderly people and children are the most vulnerable to heatstroke and other seasonal diseases, Ulema and religious scholars could advise them not to observe fasting if they are sick or not keeping good health. 

He said that doctors and media should create awareness among general public about heatstroke, its causes and remedial measures.

Lashing out at Sindh government for its complete failure in overcoming power and water crises in the city, Dr Azhar said that as a matter of fact prolonged power outages, water shortage and fasting, especially by elders, made them vulnerable to heatstroke in the punishing heatwave.

Dr Mirza explained that heatstroke occurred when your body’s thermostat cannot keep your body cool as extreme hot and humid temperatures could quickly overwhelm your body’s cooling system, particularly when the air was not circulating.

“A heatstroke is a condition that occurs after exposure to excessive heat and this is considered to be the most severe of the heat-related illnesses,” he said, adding prolonged exposure to the sun rays contributes to heatstroke.  

July 1, 2015

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