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World Kidney Day celebrated with a talk on Hypertension and Diabetes at SIUT


KARACHI – High-blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes are the most common causes of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) in the world. This was revealed by an Assistant Professor at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation – Dr Sajid Bhatti.

He said: World Kidney Day is being celebrated on the Second Thursday of March every year with the aim to raise awareness about kidney diseases and adopting a healthy lifestyle which helps in reducing risk of diseases.

Dr Bhatti said about 500 million people across the world are suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases and prevalence of such diseases is almost equal in females and males. No nation-wide statistics are available about kidney diseases in Pakistan, but the cases are increasing sharply in the country, due to various reasons.

He said SIUT is catering to 55 percent of kidney diseases patients in the country as all state-of-the-art health facilities are available at this institution. He said approximately 850 dialysis procedures are performed everyday at SIUT centers, completely free of charge, on patients coming in from all over Pakistan.

He explained that; smoking, obesity, unhygienic food, various infections, self-medication, pain-killing drugs and kidney stones are also major factors behind increase in kidney related diseases.

Dr Bhatti said; the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs is harmful for youngsters. He said 30 percent children, out of the overall reported cases, are suffering from kidney diseases. Urinary bladders infection is most common in children.

He stressed the need for early detection, treatment and adopting preventive measures to avoid kidney diseases. He said people can prevent kidney diseases by adopting simple strategies like keeping fit and active, regular control  of blood sugar level, monitoring blood pressure, avoiding tobacco smoking and avoid taking pills on a regular basis.  

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) organized a day long program to mark the World Kidney Day 2015, by providing public education and awareness about kidney related diseases. The theme of the day for this year was “Kidney Health for All”.

A team of doctors and other specialists were present at SIUT who provided expert advice to the visiting public. Pathological investigations, medical tests and other screenings concerning kidney diseases were also carried out free of cost, including free medical consultation.

Medical experts pointed out a variety of factors contribute to kidney disorders and other ailments. Prominent factors include; poor water hygiene, lack of hydrations, unhealthy choice of food, and beverages.

Over 600 persons representing various walks of life visited the SIUT to avail the facilities and obtained medical advice. The facilities included; ultrasound examination of kidney, pathological screening, advisory service of physicians and dieticians.

March 28, 2015

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