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World Thalassaemia Day – Would-be groom & bride must undergo TT

World Thalassaemia Day - Would-be groom & bride must undergo TT

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KARACHI- Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority’s (SBTA) Secretary Dr Zahid Hussain Ansari with a view to preventing future generation from genetic and hereditary disorders has advised would-be groom and brides to undergo thalassaemia tests (TT) prior to their marriage.

He also urged the people to voluntarily donate blood so as to minimize the sufferings of children requiring blood transfusion.

He was speaking a seminar held under the aegis of SBTA in connection of `World Thalassaemia Day’ at a local hotel.

The seminar was also addressed, among others, by Prof Dr Agha, Dr Natasha Ali, Dr Sarfarz Jaffary, Dr Muhammad Anwar and various blood banks’ representatives.

Dr Ansari also underscored the need for acquiring blood only from registered blood banks to avoid diseases in the aftermath of blood transfusion to thalassaemia patients.

Earlier, he apprised the participants of the seminar about the government’s policy on thalassaemia and Thalassaemia Act.

May 23, 2015

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