Zafa Pharma gets License for Africa‏


ZAFA Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is the largest Pakistani pharma enterprise. Recently it was awarded the license to manufacture its non-sterile products at its vast manufacturing facility established in Sudan. Zafa is the first Pakistani Company to get such a license from the Sudanese Government. Non Sterile products include Tablets and Capsules for against; Anti-hypertensive medicines, Anti-Diabetes and Cholesterol lowering agents, etc.

This venture will enable Zafa to not only fulfill the demand for such products all over Sudan, it will also supply all over the “Commercial Market for Eastern and Southern Africa” (COMESA) region. The COMESA region comprises of 19 countries with a population of 389 million people.

Over the years, due to the strict UN trade Embargo on Sudan, there was a shortage of such products in the country, which is wholly dependent on imports because there are only 10 small scale manufacturers of health care products in that country. Through this new venture, the shortage of health care products in Sudan can be overcome.

Zafa has been a major exporter of medicines and non-sterile products for many years now. Nearly eight years ago, Zafa had purchased a 10,000 square meters factory with vast manufacturing facilities for Injections and I.V. solutions in Sudan. This venture is operated in collaboration with Prince Mohammad Bin Faisal (Son of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia).

Over the past 3-4 years the imports of plastics was not allowed into Sudan due to the UN Embargo, causing big challenges for such manufacturing within the country. All the local manufacturers in Sudan are dependent on old technologies in pharma manufacturing. 3 years ago, Zafa installed a modern plant in Sudan for manufacturing non-sterile products, Tablets and Capsules.

The current license given to Zafa allows the registration of 15 different products, while the registrations of five more products will soon be acquired from the Sudanese authorities.

January 7, 2014

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